DVS1 Includes ‘Boring Shit’ on Fabric 96 Mix

From illegal 90s raves in the Midwest to marathon sets at Berghain, there are few DJs so unanimously trusted by audiences the world over as Zak Khutoresky. With a career that includes opening a nightclub in his hometown of Minneapolis, building and maintaining a custom ‘wall of sound’ system, releasing on Ben Klock’s Klockworks and Derrick May’s Transmat imprints and running two of his own renowned labels – HUSH and Mistress – there is no denying his reputation as a true bastion of underground culture. As a DJ, his deviant mixing style, infamously large record collection and tenacious passion grant a personality to his sets that simply cannot be replicated.

“This mix CD concept was much more difficult to put together than I had imagined… As I don’t do mixes and haven’t released any mixes in over 4 years. Leading up to selecting music I kept going back and forth in my mind about what style and vibe to present within the confines of the CD length.” – DVS1

At the time of release fabric 96 will consist almost entirely of unreleased material. Twelve of the tracks are forthcoming on HUSH with fresh entries from Steffi, Oscar Mulero, Steve Bicknell, Mark Broom and ROD, and new tracks by Lando and Kirill Mamin due on Mistress Recordings. New works by Gabriella Vergilov, Planetary Assault Systems, Truncate, Henning Baer, Psyk and Sirko Müller also feature.

Physicality is key. Brandishing the animated persona he is known for in the booth, DVS1 intuitively layers, blends and chops his way through 29 tracks over 80 minutes, drawing on the tangible properties of massive sound systems to convey his expansive vision. Rhythmic building blocks are stacked upon each other before crashing down to make way for something entirely new, all the while driven by a brooding line of tension. Motifs are weaved together with a playful flair, reflecting an artist who not only welcomes his impulses, but possesses the technical skill to convey them.

DVS1 – Fabric 96 Mix